Hi Everyone

Before I return to Bali in February, I’ve taken a detour. This will mostly be photos with maybe a mini story thrown in. I hope you’ll join me.

I have moved to the North Shore of Lake Superior for three months. Friends are incredulous and ask, “Are you crazy? In Minnesota, everyone moves south to avoid the polar vortexes. Why are you going further North?”imageMy love for this unspoiled area has grown over the decades so I’m here to sink into it and to write my stories. Here’s my side yard.


I have dragged a suitcase of journals (the first being 1958), old letters and limitless memories to a tiny village five hours north of Minneapolis, MN.

I am am alone on six acres, but for the deer, birds and “sea.” The bear have hibernated…I trust.

The town has only a post office to which I walk an hour RT for myimage mail.

A friend asked me if there was a nearby Walmart and I chuckled. There is a Ben Franklin 40 mins away.

Peace has descended. The days are quiet, rich and full.


The only adrenilin I feel is when I flush a deer while walking up my long dirt drive.

I promised pictures instead of words. You who know me realize that could be a challenge. However, I’m writing about 1000-2000 words a day for my unnamed project so I will truly not do much more here.

Welcome to my neighborhood!