Good evening!

“Where do the days go?” I ask myself.  I rise early, turn up the heat, have coffee, do yoga, eat breakfast and have one more coffee. Let us not forget staring at the LAKE and reading my daily meditation.

I do my one-hour hike (note the wolf track sharing my trail)


to the  P.O. where I say “hi” to Steve, the postmaster and Milwaukee transplant, and Tony who is usually sitting in “his” chair enjoying Steve’s coffee. There are always a number of other locals there chatting and whose names I’m beginning to remember. They offer tips and orange vests so I don’t get shot during hunting season. Then I write for two to three hours in my “writing room” which is, interestingly, the furnace room. This is the only room with a wired connection for my PC. I don’t mind as it is warm and cozy and I’m not distracted by the roaring “sea.” Last night this sea threw an 8-10# rock through the air about 20 feet to a new resting place in front of my home. Amazing!

My friend, Nancy, came to visit this week. We hiked and explored Grand Marais including Artist Point. We look cold but we’re actually quite comfortable.

Sometimes I stop for breakfast/lunch at Lockport in Lutsen which caters to everyone as the pictures  attest. The owners, Deb and Nan, have been here, happily, for about 20 years. They also run the Coldwell Banker enterprise in these parts. They have the cheapest gas around at their one-pump, non-automated station. You know if it’s there, I will find it!

Today was the Holiday event in my village, Schroeder. The Historical Society Bldg was open and featured four artists, some wonderful artifacts and demonstrations on how to make lefse and krumkrake. It smelled soooo good and tasted great. You will find it interesting to read the description of the Hwy 61 “International Hwy.” I’m learning a lot. I did not win the quilt drawng although I bought five tickets 😄.

On to the bazaar across the road with handicrafts and baked goods provided by about 15-20 talented locals. I was happy to meet Art, who made 75 dozen rosettes (of which I happily bought two dozen) and Rita, who used to bake for Blue Fin. I purchased her cardamon bread and also her toffee bars. Happy Thanksgiving to my family! Ray wanted to make sure I was ready to meet my maker and I assured her I was good.

I headed to Grand Marais 35 mins away where someone found my lost earring and saved it for me (so DONE with earrings here). I hung out at the Java Moose with a latte and my iPad, writing for two plus hours. Someone nearby was sobbing into the phone. My hand went to her shoulder as I made my way to the toilet. She smiled weakly and continued with her call.


I feel like Mr Rogers, welcoming you to my neighborhood.

I’m glad you could join me.