Buenos Tardes

My day began on the Jardin. Some research the day before revealed a surprise for Friday.

imageHundreds and hundreds of dancers filled the square and promenades. Drum groups beat first slowly, then built to a crescendo, enticing the dancers to increase their rhythm accordingly. Wow, amazing!! My heart nearly exploded.

This is the Festival of Our Lord of the Conquest. The faithful come to the Parroquia to recite 33 prayers, one for every year of Jesus’ life on earth. Indian conchero dancers dance in front of the Parroquia on this day, arriving shortly after dawn and dancing till dusk. They never stop until replaced by another group. I did not see them drinking water.

After several hours, I tore myself away to walk to Aurora Fabrique… old textile factory turned art gallery collective. Too big a shift! Then on to shrimp-stuffed enchiladas with verde sauce at the four-table restaurant, Victoria’s.

The day ended at an impeccable violin concert featuring the ORIGINAL once-lost Stradivarius Red Violin of the movie “Red Violin.” When refound, it was purchased by a man as a gift for his 16-year old granddaughter, Elizabeth Pitcairn for $1.7 million dollars! ¬†This is who we heard. The sound was extraordinary!

The day before, I walked to the Botanical Gardens for a 2.5 hour tour. Wonderful! I’d love to come back and see all the cacti in bloom in June.

I’m off now for a last walk into el Centro. Tomorrow is devoted to trying to figure out how to get everything I’ve purchased into my suitcase!!

I’ve already negotiated for next year! Better than buying which is what most do after a first visit!

Thanks for joining this journey!!

Adios, Sharon