Buenos Dias

The Jardin anchors el Centro. Perfectly manicured trees, green benches and walkways fill the block. Colonial buildings of ochre and yellow embrace all sides except one where the church reigns supreme.


Saturday I sat on one of those benches for hours absorbing the sights and sounds. I was thrilled to find the promenades filled; 98% were Mexican which surprised me a bit. Vendors with ice cream, hats and balloons were kept busy.

Mariachis played in one corner of the park, a 12-pc band in the other and the center stage gazebo held a vocalist and teens dancing. Pigeons ruffled my hair as they swooped close.

A red carpet display to rival the Oscars passed as back-to-back weddings were performed.

Inside the church, the long aisle was bedecked in four-tiered 8′ spirals overflowing with baby’s breath and hundreds of votives. How I wished for entrance to photograph. The flower girls were especially darling.


Giant puppets danced and twirled with the wedding party as they walked down the street led and serenaded by mariachis.


Children and dogs chased balls, an occasional beggar approached with nuts or straw coasters to “sell”, cameras clicked, laughter rang, giggles and chatter competed and smiles were contagious.

Streets surrounding the Jardin are closed off daily, allowing one freedom to walk, gaze and participate in the festivities. Weekends bring country families, rich Mexicans from Mexico City, fancy cars and filled restaurants. If you’ve no agenda other than to have senses piqued, it’s a great time to show up.

Today “host Olivia” took me to Tuesday Market. It is massive and sells everything you could imagine…and more.

My days are filled with lunches, performances, STREET WALKING, market browsing and people watching. Evenings bring dinner parties, concerts, dance and, occasionally, a quiet evening at home. Oh, and the party for Oscar night….the TV event both tedious and fun having missed them for several years, but the gathering lovely.

Sunday was the Fringe Festival (yes, here in SMA). Events were free and outdoors and I was finally able to enjoy a terrific Flamenco dancer.

All my new friends and neighbors departed this morning. I’m looking forward to my last week to cross things off my bucket list that I’ve yet to do. Last evening everyone living in the four units here had a sunset happy hour to inaugurate the new rooftop gazebo, say farewell and watch the sunset over the mountains.


I moved to a different apt in the same bldg today and know I’m going to thoroughly enjoy it.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hasta Luego