Selemat Sean (Good Early Afternoon)

Desiring a day away Larry and I rent a car and driver for the day and head to ┬áthe beach. Larry is staying at Sherry’s and is, coincidentally, also from Minneapolis.

We spent the morning in Sanur, a quiet town on the south coast of Bali. It consists of sprawling white sand beaches, restaurants, luxury hotels and restaurants. Most enjoyable is the four-mile Boardwalk running parallel to the beach and overhung with large shading trees. With the ocean breeze, our stroll was cool and a feast for the eyes.

Everyone finds their perfect place to relax.


Then on to JImbaran to explore the fish market. The inside of the block-long fish-sorting room smelled better than its surroundings. Amazing selection of iced-down fish.

Some of the fishing boats…..


Then on to the beachside restaurant, Marlin, for BBQ’d grouper and shrimp. The view was well worth the inflated price.


There’s other produce whose names we try to determine. Have we eaten them yet this trip?

Perhaps in one of these wonderful $5-or-less meals?

On Gergana’s recommendation, while at my favorite restaurant for blog writing, I order an avocado/feta/olive oil sandwich. Yum. It’s so easy to eat healthy here. There is a chicken under my chair….he’s too fast for my camera. You’ll need to trust me. Well, better than a rat!

imageHave your salivary glands spurred you to the kitchen yet….or perhaps to the airline for a quick trip somewhere warm?

We will visit again soon. Thanks for stopping by.