Selamat Sean (good afternoon) (Note: Photo descriptors require a click.)

I thought I might be sleeping at the coffee shop today asĀ torrential downpours were moments apart.

A lovely retired Dutch couple kept me company on the dry veranda for an hour and a half. The rest of the time I wrote. Then I grabbed my umbrella during a few moments of less intensity and made for home sloshing happily through three-inch deep puddles. My adjustment this trip has taken longer; whether due to the fall and subsequent recovery, or because Bali’s energy is shifting or perhaps mine. No determination is necessary today. I have more difficulty this year integrating the old with the new. Bali is expanding rapidly and I worry if the people and their culture can accommodate it.

Yesterday, in search of quiet, I ventured to Taksu’s gardens for electrolyte-bursting coconut water followed by a green papaya and cashew salad. Yum.

I have luxury evenings of massage and gourmet food delivery for a total of $20.

Chicken broccoli fettuccine

Chicken broccoli fettuccine in banana leaf

This is appears to be a bouquet but is a 12′ bush.

Critters are everywhere. How they avoid the cars and bikes, I do not know!

I even have a pair of songbirds nesting in the Frangipani tree on the edge of my terrace. They are very tiny and very loud. Can you see them?

Can anyone name this bird?

Can anyone name this bird?

Internet at Sumantras is spotty but thanks to Gergana, my dear Bulgarian friend and neighbor of both last year and this, I have found a great place with fast service, a view of the action and best drink ever…..ginger, lime, soda and a touch of sugar syrup. image Thank you for joining me this evening. The air has cleared and the food is smelling good. I think I’ll stay. Warmly, Sharon