Good Morning Friends!

This greeted me on arrival. It took two days before it was gone! Not soon enough.

What I'd hoped I left behind.

What I’d hoped I left behind.

My host took me to Soriana to stock my larder. Good he is a patient man considering a new grocery along with descriptors in Spanish only.

Met Minneapolis friends for drinks and dinner rooftop at the Rosewood…a coveted spot for sunsets.

I’ve been walking ever since I arrived. Some day I’m going to record the exact cobbled hike DOWN into el centro. Quite the workout. Last week my Fitbit said 29.5 miles.

Every day holds surprises. Today I was grateful to wake to rain and wind so I could stay home, blog and wash clothes. Soon I’m off for a violin concerto.

Restaurants are plentiful, the food delicious and prices range from giveaway to pricey. I cook some things at home but find I’m rarely here to eat. I toss them in the freezer for a later date.

I’ve reconnected with many friends from last year, spending a lot of time with Lynda from OH as we enjoy many of the same things.


I’m staying in the same large apartment as last year and spending time with my dear neighbors from last year who enjoy the many jazz evenings we’ve already attended. Again, live theater performances at $10! Why stay home? I pretty much say yes to everything which means I’m tired but having a wonderful time.

I’m always prepared to be surprised by what pops up, both visually as well as potential adventures.

These are not bright wedding gowns but quenceanera dresses for young girls’ “coming out” for their sweet-15 birthday parties. Aren’t they delightful?

Art is everywhere. The B &W pieces are from a large exhibit titled “Dialogue with the Earth”, the lower right is a mural at the entrance to the Peralta Theater where most concerts are performed and the lighter colorful one is a small piece of a ceiling mosaic that is breathtaking and impossible to capture.    It’s great fun to attend the gallery openings which are often and interesting.


The San Miguel Int’l Writers Conference is this week, drawing thousands from all over the world. I was generously gifted by friends with tickets to hear Mary Karr (author of The Liars Club) and Billy Collins (U.S. poet laureate for two years). Each was a marvelous and entertaining speaker and absorbed two more delightful evenings.

Whether it’s sitting in the garden at Belle Artes or the main central Jardin or watching the sunset from my roof, life is good and I feel blessed.

Thanks for joining me. Adios.