I’m invited to meet friends at a Peruvian restaurant. I was initially skeptical as my experience with food in Peru was iffy at best and at worst was the possibility of eating dog meat on one of our treks. La Parada (The Bus) was, instead, a succulent surprise. I’m eager to return although the multitude of restaurant offerings in SMA makes repeat visits a challenge.

Really nice friends with much in common.


More walking and discovering for the next few days with social meets for lunch or dinner woven in. Yesterday I spent hours in the park with a friend where we selected unknown individuals and wrote stories about them. We limited each narrative to 15 mins. A delightful writing exercise!

We followed this exercise with wonderful pazole…


….followed by a stop at the best coffee shop for fresh-ground beans.

…then back to the Jardin where they were setting up a stage for the evening’s entertainment.

I came home to relax on my porch and read instead…a choice I was grateful for but not easily made.


The following day I spent in solitude browsing the town, picking up a few gifts and popping in and out of shops. I passed on some adventures but fĂ®nished the day at my favorite fried chicken “restaurant.” Here I thumped my chest to indicate I desired three pieces of breast meat, two to take home. Best chicken ever! In fact, all the meats in SMA are delicious. I picked up food stuffs on the way home, including fresh (unrefrigerated) eggs which they placed in a plastic bag for the precarious trip home.

Today I’m working on an on-line sketching course my neighbor here in SMA recommended. Another nice activity for March when many friends leave.

Tonight I’m meeting people at a marvelous (new-to-us) rooftop restaurant for drinks and a bite. Weather is 80’s again but cools in the evening so the heaters they provide will be welcome.

On a mundane note, here is my humidifier!! It’s arid here so this really helps. Enough closet space, you think?