It’s a long way home. More than just miles and travel time (roughly 32 hours), its the transitional time which can takes months. The pleasure of walking into my home is dulled by disorientation, fatigue and confusion. Instead of walking onto a warm balcony, I see April’s first 12″ blizzard beyond my patio doors.image Sleep arrives in 3-hour chunks and is honored when it hits. I miss my kitty who passed before I left. I’m eager to see my family and friends. The calendar is out and already dates are being earmarked for theater, yoga and teaching. The dining room table is covered with mail needing to be sorted and gifts to be distributed. I gleefully turn on a faucet and drink!

imageIn the shuttle ride to the airport in Denpasar (once again I got the pimpmobile) I visually lingered over the people, shops, streets, rice fields, colors and chaos I was leaving behind. I smiled as the driver turned down the air con so that his car could mount the upcoming hill.

image image image

My feelings are in quiet turmoil. Gratitude (for opportunities and gifts from so many), disorientation (resettled and unsettled both), loss (in leaving behind new friends, crooked streets, sunshine days and warm smiles) and longing (to have both home and other simultaneously). It’s too soon to figure it all out. Perhaps there is no need…just allow it to meld together.

I think of Sumantra, Ilhu, Wayan and Made along with the grandparents who provided me a loving and supportive home while away.



I am wondering what to do with my 3,000 photos….never fear, this is, indeed, my last post. I will do one in the future on packing and travel tips for anyone drawn to this really amazing place.

For now, it’s been great fun to have you join me these last two months and I wish you each many blessings and sunshine.

Namaste, Sharon  image