About sageblessings

Sharon lives in Minneapolis, MN and is active in the creative fields of painting and photography. She's recently immersed herself in writing and is creating personal essays from her life's stories. After owning several businesses, she is now retired with time to enjoy travel, family, friends and all of life that is unfolding.


We’re down to our last five days and time is flying faster than we would like! Every day is so rich with color, experiences, tastes, sounds, that it’s difficult to cover in a few words. Sometimes pictures work better.

Amazing art around every corner…..

Amazing food….French, Italian, Peruvian, Thai, Lebanese and let us not forget REAL Mexican from $2 meals to $15. Never rushed. One may need to request the bill more than once.

And, of course, drinks along with sunsets…..oh dear, once again the blog will not let me continue…..I will try to send in two parts. My apologies…..

Building after gorgeous building…..like the people, unassuming but hiding a wealth of beauty.