About sageblessings

Sharon lives in Minneapolis, MN and is active in the creative fields of painting and photography. She's recently immersed herself in writing and is creating personal essays from her life's stories. After owning several businesses, she is now retired with time to enjoy travel, family, friends and all of life that is unfolding.


Continuation of SMA# 3 as problem with blog. Apologies. Architecture with subtle yet beautiful facades revealing great depth and beauty once inside. Much like the Mexican people.


Sunsets reflected on all the beautiful churches from whatever top perch we can find.


Beautiful lighting throughout the town….


Celebrations, fireworks, bells ringing, dogs barking….Mexican ambiance.


MInnesota winters could benefit from these brilliant colors and sounds…especially during the dead of white winters. Soon I will be returning and holding these images in my mind and spirit until the sun warms up our beautiful state!

Thanks for your patience.