San Miguel de Allende, MX

Some photos of San Miguel – 2018

Our neighborhood is called Colonia Guadalupe. It’s beautiful and and feels incredibly safe. The streets are wide and the people friendly. It has small restaurants and tiendes on the corners. Most important, it’s a relatively FLAT walk into town which makes my knees happy.

Our home is glorious, has three terraces, three BR, four baths, a LV, TV room and DR. It’s more than we could ever have hoped for….a contemporary gem built just a few months ago. Giant mirrors EVERYWHERE! I’m sharing with two women, Lynda (from Columbus) and Carol (from Chicago) who I met three years ago on my first flight into SMA! Through them and coming often now, I’ve met and re met some very good friends.

My neighbors from the last two last years came to visit yesterday and we explored the neighborhood. Guadelupe is known for the graffiti artists who come from around the world to paint once a year. They’re wonderful!

There is so much to see and do here that we’re booked until Sunday! It’s Jazz week next week involving many venues. Today we begin our four session course on Western Architecture at the Institute followed by a social hour. Then off to a documentary film I’ve been eager to see. Here are some pix of our neighborhood. Behind these flat facades are glorious gardens, homes and terraces.

There are dogs but they are polite and at night, quiet.

We shop daily for fruits and veggies so are eating healthy. We generally go out to one of the fabulous ethic restaurants for either lunch or dinner but often cook at home in the eve where we can enjoy our Terrace.


That’s a brief update on our first days back in a favorite city. Skies are BLUE, air warm (70’s) and eves cool. Life is good. I feel blessed.

Thanks for visiting.



8 thoughts on “San Miguel de Allende, MX

  1. I’m delighted for you Sharon and I can feel the vibrant energy of this place through your words and pictures. How fortunate to have found this place and these friends to share in your adventures. And thank you for sharing those with us!


  2. Just beautiful Sharon. It brings back many lovely memories. Love love love the art.
    I’m enjoying the same weather with Kathy and Rick. Such a gift.
    We’ll miss you when we gather at Frost’s but know you are where you belong.
    It’s thrilling to hear how happy you are.
    See you when you return.

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Beautiful! All those fresh vegetables look amazing! Richmond artists have transformed a lot of our old buildings with some unique and inspired graffiti. I love it. May your body and spirit soak in the experience. Peace!


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