SAN MIGUEL…Where to Begin

A whirlwind of fun with friends until everyone left on 3/1. Oscar night party with a stunning last few minutes after Michael had placed the TV on mute. I was thrilled as my choice won although I lost the overall ballot.

A great sunset from rooftop of a new “find” which we all enjoyed.


SMA has an art walk of 45 studios which Lynda and I tackled. Great fun to see the studios and the art.

I put  six plus miles on my Fitbit, ending at Pork Belly Restaurant with friends….good but too many other great restaurants in SMA so won’t return.

Some serious walking due to construction but we were determined!

Then a final lunch at El Grotto to say goodbye to Carol and Lynda, dear friends I met last year on the plane into Leon. I think so far the best pizza in SMA!

A bit challenged last last couple days as Gabriel has varnished the apt floors downstairs and the chemicals are wafting upwards to my terrace. Clever hosts have departed for a 4-day vacation.

Last night at 6:00 pm a tremendous gust of wind blew my patio door shut. Unfortunately, I was on the terrace and now locked out for the evening. It grew colder and I covered myself with the only available items (pillows) as the temps plummeted…we’re in the moutains after all. Would he be home at 8 pm or midnight? I prayed he’d return before my power went out on my iPad and I’d have to abandon my reading and before I seemingly froze. Fortunately, I had a box of Kleenex and a garden so was covered on that front. Such relief when he arrived at 10 pm. I pulled on my wool socks and crawled beneath the covers chattering and grateful. So happy he isn’t a partier.

Today was a day I’ve anticipated since my arrival….the Aztec dancers! What a show. The entire Jardin is thrumming with the beat of drums and the wild colors of the many tribes that come to SMA on this special day. A poor night’s sleep couldn’t keep me away. (Do not miss the close ups!)

And a few more…

Each group of dancers has its own drummers and offering…


I then took a couple hours to decompress at Belles Artes gardens


eventually returning to the Jardin for more people watching.

This shows some repair of one of my favorite places….the Bibliotequel


This is a colonial village and EVERYTHING BEAUTIFUL is behind the front gates or on the roofs. It is always a breathtaking surprise to enter!

New adventures await.




4 thoughts on “SAN MIGUEL…Where to Begin

  1. Oh my! Locked out on the porch! Happy it had a good ending and made for a great story. Love being able to read this blog! Thank you for doing it.


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