Buenos noches

Where to begin…..  (Sorry, this got published prematurely!)

A day trip on public transport (awesome) to Dolores Hidalgo…..a small village with a gorgeous park square and the most beautiful cathedral yet. It is also FLAT WITH SIDEWALKS as well as being beautiful and clean. Famous for its pottery  which I promised not to buy….then did. If you click on the photos, you can easily scan through full-size versions.

Wonderful window shopping and people watching as well as a choice of street ice cream….unlimited flavors….fried pork rind, mole, tequila, chocolate, etc.

Back in San Miguel, an unbelievably challenging house tour involving hours of hill/rock walking to view a home with spectacular art and a hacienda of great beauty.

I spend enjoyable time with my neighbors from the U.S. who are here all month…we explore the town, attend films and concerts and also split off to do our own thing. I’ve purchased San Miguel Shoes (who knew?) and a few pieces of clothing. Most shops contain either souvenirs or nice clothing….but the latter has only a couple dozen items each! Think MOA.

There are markets that run for blocks selling everything you might imagine…, meat, clothes, jewelry, art, etc. Great fun to browse.

Only issue is dry air impacting sinuses seriously. Here’s my answer and it works…A wet towel and a closed bedroom door!

Homemade humidifier

Homemade humidifier

A few more scenes from our town square and Saturday’s Organic Market.

Dining out in one of the hundreds of restaurants (or cooking at home)…

Loving this town and enjoying the people I meet enormously. Hard to stay home with all that is offered.

Thanks for stopping by.



9 thoughts on “SAN MIGUEL # 3

  1. Greatly enjoy your posts. Although we are in the same town, you offer me sights I may have missed and new perspectives.
    Please come back. It won’t be the same without you.


  2. These photos just took my breath away!! Especially the dark-ish room with light and color-filled balcony doors and the birds flying in (& out) for sip of water…. Absolutely stunning and looks like an incredible place, with its arts, crafts, colors, architecture, vibrant energy and what looks like delicious food. Keep loving it. xx


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