I’m having a  great time in spite of the cool temps. Tomorrow should be the last day of the front. I definitely did not pack correctly! Remember to click on blue title for full screen.

Saturday I was invited, along with another ten “strangers” to lunch at the home of the women I met on the plane. Their home is a virtual art gallery and a joy to experience as were the people in attendance.

From there I stopped at the chili competition in spite of the fact I had no room which was good since most of the tastings were gone. Good people watching though.

On then to my favorite coffee shop. Carlos is the most kind and creative barista.

Then a stroll through the mile-long market, resisting all but one small piece of art and a lengthy conversation with the artist. Son, Dillon, would go crazy for the hats!

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My quest for the mural competition took me to outlying streets. Murals are respected works of art here vs what we might call graffiti stateside.

Wandering (limping….kidding but almost) back home through winding streets, I was drawn into a corner fried chicken spot recommended by a guy walking by. The aroma had stopped me in my tracks and he said “Nothing better Stateside” so, why not? He was right.

An evening outdoor concert…a tribute to the Buena Vista Social Club….very fun.


Tonight we’re heading to a Bubble and Bauble Auction followed by another concert at Los Milagros Restaurant. All is good or better. Here is only the beginning of the hill we hike down daily.


Hasta Luego






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