San Miguel #4

Buenas Tardes Friends

I’m sitting on my terrace with warm late sunlight washing through open French doors. I hear the cathedral bells toll on the plaza of the Jardin. I am recalling events and stories I’ve not had time to relate.


Milagros (also known as an ex-voto or dijes or promesas) are religious folk charms that are traditionally used for healing purposes and as votive offeriInge. You can see them on the photo below of the heart I bought. I was searching for the perfect corazon (heart) and patience finally paid off.

The Murderer Among Us

My first week here I was out walking in our beautiful upscale neighborhood. There was a gentlemen in his driveway supervising his dogs and we chatted (well, HE chatted). I thought nothing more of it until Alfonso and Olivia (our Mexican hosts) had a dinner party a few days later (for 13 immediate and nearby neighbors, no less!)

It was a lovely and interesting evening and talk eventually wandered to the mystery man. It appears he had murderd his girlfriend, dumped her in the trunk of a car and disposed of the body. She was eventually found, he was arrested and thrown in jail. His mother, whom he lived with, brought him food daily and, through payoffs and perseverance, got him released. She subsequently died of old age. He lives on, now old himself.

And to continue

Friday eve I was invited to a delightful party where the hosts know exactly how to entertain. The man who brought me home is an expat who’s lived here decades and told me he’s quite aware of this man, added a few details and assured me he’s not a threat to anyone. Who knew….this is a small town!


A week ago was jazz week here in SMA and we hit the clubs and churches as often as we had free nights. Live concerts (with performers from as far away as NY) cost only $7-8; too good to pass up. One venue:


Organic Market and 14th Annual Bazaar of Alternative Design

These two events were great…I have my favorite cheese maker plus “green woman” who sells just that. I bought amazing homemade limoncello, powdered shiitake mushrooms and ate awesome ceviche on tostadas. What a snack!

San Antonio Open Studio Weekend

Today we walked SIX hours without even a five minute sit down as we tried to visit all 42 studios. We saw some unique and wonderful art!! I could have bought several pieces if I was following my heart but no space and less money😀. I did buy a lovely shawl/wrap of soft lavender that happened to match the dress I was wearing…silky and yummy. We all know texture is most important! I received several compliments as we walked through the studios so decision affirmed. We gained entry to some beautiful homes and gardens as the studios were often on the roof. At day’s end, we were beyond happy to snag a cab… not easy on a Sunday.


Weeknds in SMA are crazy. The city square/Jardin is alive with families, vendors and weddings. You see below the driver and horses awaiting the bride and groom. Taxis, though ubiquitous, cannot be persuaded to stop.  Visitors from Mexico City can be distinguished by the women’s very high heels (yikes on the boulders) and men’s Teslas and Porche. Whereas the locals stop and give over to pedestrians, the visitors might run you down. Money flows freely. Festivals occur weekly and without advance warning.


Alfonso and Olivia’s dinner party brought our little community together. My immediate neighbors are delightful and we browsed the art studios together. The other three couples have offered boxes of Kleenex, homemade bread and we chat in the halls. Sooooo lovely.


Everyone’s favorite activity is walking the streets. I’m the same and each day I see something different from the day before even if I’m on the same street. It is a completely walkable town and builds leg muscles like no other.

Hundreds of restaurants, bakeries, bodegas, and markets line each street. The days fly as I try to see it all. Perhaps that is what one’s first visit is all about. I love it more each day. Weather is a perfect dry 82 and very cool for sleeping.

I’m finishing this the next day, choosing to stay HOME, do yoga, some cooking, await word on my good friend’s surgery and catch up on my rest. Blogging at midnight does not work!

Muchas gracias for visiting