I’ve taken a few photos since my last blog and even though I’m now home, I will send them along in farewell to an island and its people, each having given me so much heart and joy.


The street in front of my home…..you can see the sign for Sumantra’s House. They are such a caring family and there were many hugs, along with a gift of a locally-made purse, on my departure.


Here’s my dear Bulgarian friend and neighbor for two years, Gergana. We enjoyed so many lovely mornings on my terrace and intimate meals out. This has been a wonderful connection for each of us.

Critters are are pretty much everywhere, the reptilian ones my least favorite. Sleeping with a/c running discouraged them from sleeping with me.

Here’s a relatively new bakery which I tried once. There were many temptations but most had meat fillings and weren’t refrigerated and the temps were high. It’s a tidy modern shop with a smiling crew.

The ogoh ogoh’s were just getting underway when I left. I’m sorry to miss them this year.


Images and sounds will stay with me always….motorbikes, pre-dawn roosters, frangipani, sautéed garlic, rice fields, smiling faces.

It’s good to be home, cozy in my heavy robe, running hot water to wash my face, drinking from the tap and washing clothes in a machine vs a bucket. It’s also interesting how doing without these conveniences becomes the norm.

Thank you Bali for another memorable year. Thank you all for joining me.



12 thoughts on “OOPS

  1. What?! You are home already? I can hardly believe it. It went by so fast. I’ve throughly enjoyed reading your blog and looking at all the pictures. I hope your bruiser of a black eye is completely gone with no residual damage. Hope to see you soon!


  2. Did you eat at Oops? What a funny name for a restaurant (only in Bali…. 🙂 ). Bet you’re especially glad to be back home after your time in the frozen north shore juxtaposed with subsequent time in tropical Bali…..we warmed things up for you for a bit upon your return! Enjoy!


  3. Welcome back, Sharon. Now the re-entry begins! I so know how living so basically with so little can easily become the norm and how wonderful it is! What an amazing way to begin a new year! And I know the best is yet to come! Thanks so much for sharing your personal journeys – and gorgeous photos – with us!


    • Thanks, Hinda, for traveling along. Yes, re-entry is so disorienting yet also wonderful to remember all the things I am grateful for. And what glorious weather to return to. I hope you had a nice birthday!


  4. Greetings my dear friend!
    So glad you are having such a rich experience again. And Happy belated Birthday!!!
    Check your personal email for a personal note : )
    Love Liba


  5. What?! You’re home? I thought it wasn’t until next week, but am glad to hear you are back bringing with you another memory book of all the beautiful things you experienced. All your senses have been provoked in such a wondorous way I would think. Happy to have you back
    safe and sound.


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