Greetings from Bali!

Here are two of my favorite dining establishments in Ubud…..the view from Taksu (spa, dining, classes, gardens and paths) and Indus (overlooking deep jungles and ravines) where Sherry and I had a lovely catch-up dinner accompanied by Latin music.

I saw my first changing table yesterday at a popular expat restaurant.


“My” STARBUCKS is on the site of the Water Palace where I watched workers remove a MASSIVE tree. They climb in bare feet and utilizie small hatchets, somehow getting the job done under the hot rays of the afternoon sun.

Bali is changing rapidly, noticeable even in the last three years of my visits. Everything is under construction and, unfortunately, not supported by appropriate infrastructure. Even if it is available, most don’t use it so there’s a great deal of concern about the future of this beautiful island and it’s culture. The people finally have an opportunity to earn money and everyone is attempting to do so. Most children graduating H.S. go on to further education… the tourist industry. Learning English increases their probability of a higher level of employment.

Yesterday a good portion of my day was spent at the Blanco Museum. The artist, Antonio Blanco, came to Bali in 1952, making a name for himself with royalty and celebrities. He built a mansion overlooking the Campuan Ridge, now converted to a museum featuring his work. The grounds, buildings and bird park are more impressive (to me) than his art but it was time well spent.

It’s a long walk from my home stay to Blanco and there’s much to digest. A high school letting out….already mid morning. A sweet tea was enjoyed overlooking Campuan Ridge.

The birds and flowers at Blanco were breathtaking.

This may be my last post before flying home. It’s been a lovely visit and will provide me with many wonderful memories in the future.

Thanks for following my journey.

Warmly, Sharon


11 thoughts on “GREETINGS!!

  1. Sharon, These may be among my favorite photos of this season’s trip. Love the one of you and Sherry! Thrilled to accompany you on your daily adventures! xoxoxo


  2. Wow, Sharon, your last 2 posts have the most beautiful photos. The colors are so rich. I particularly liked the post before this last one where the colors were vivid in varying shades
    of green. Mounted together as they were on your post, I felt like I could almost smell
    the green.

    Will be glad to have you back!



  3. It was fun to “be back in Bali” via your pictures, and to hear the updates. Re: the construction, having witnessed some of the processes, which can appear primitive at times, the end result was always polished, modern and sound! Hope you have a safe, uneventful trip back–we are warming things up for you back here this week!


    • Yes, Jan, I am always so impressed at the skill with which they creat amazing structures. Sherrys home is an immediate case in point. It was hard to see when they were in the midst of it yet now it is so gorgeous, pristine and well thought out.


  4. The birds and flowers do look so beautiful. I notice how even the sweet tea is presented in such beauty.
    indulge and soak it all in.


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