I’m watching great whitecaps and crashing waves this morning, reluctant to begin my transition home. I’ve a sense of sorrow to leave such an amazing place and also excitement to be returning home.

This weekend I gifted myself play time as reward for my the last few months of writing efforts. A friend, Kathy, joined me from the Cities. I think our most inspiring adventure was a day on the Gunflint Trail, a still pristine and unspoiled fragment of the Midwest. We were gifted with 40 miles of pine forest, capped with hoar frost and new snow. We kept stopping just to take it in.

Just a piece which doesn't do justice to the whole.

Just a piece which doesn’t do justice to the whole.


Our “destination” was the Gunflint Lodge where we lunched on walleye overlooking the frozen lake.

We hiked a white-laden, pine-embracing path in stillness…

….to Lonely Lake shrouded in snow mist


More wonders lined our path. Our one regret: the dog sled rides were fully booked for the day.

We topped off our weekend Sunday at Bluefin Resort where we watched the nail-biting playoff between the Packers and Seahawks, neither one of us having seen a football game in years! Being originally from WI, I was disappointed when the Packers lost in the final moments of an overtime.

In addition to nature’s profound impact on me, I am deeply grateful for the warmth and delightful, unexpected gifts of the people I’ve met while here. I will hold these memories and visions close for my lifetime. Next posting from Bali!!

Thanks so much for joining me.













  1. Dear Sharon, Thank you for this post. I will certainly miss the many beautiful photos you have posted. Just so many awesome images. Delighted you and Kathy had a nice time the past few days. So nice the weather cooperated and the roads good for her drive–at least I’m assuming so given the weather news. It will be nice to have you back in town though I know you are going to be having a wonderful time with your friends for a goodly amount of time. Wouldn’t it have been nice if they could have experienced the N.S.



    • Thanks Darlene. I know how much you love it here so know you are sincere in your compliments. I loved having those who came and I also loved my uninterrupted “work” time so all was perfect. I am sad to leave and happy for next adventure.


  2. Such gorgeous pictures, Sharon–I especially love the ones depicting the delicate hoarfrost. What a transition for you as you make your way to Bali. I hope you have amazing adventure there (will you be staying with Sherry now that Rumah Jelita is completed?). Give her a hug for me!


    • Thanks Jan. Yes big transition from tundra to tropics. I’m not staying with Sherry as I rebooked a year ago at last year’s Homestay and they’ve been such amazing hosts to me that I would feel terrible canceling. Sherry and I will surely play, however. Do you need anything from Angelo’s?


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