My body and energy are feeling the shift towards home. It’s been “nose-to-the-grindstone” for nearly three months. Now it is near time to pack. I’ve “written” close to 300,000 words…so many stories to one’s life. I wonder if there are some stories that will invite me to develop them further. Not to worry today; today I am just deeply grateful.

After a super deep freeze for ten days, it was finally 14F today allowing a much-needed hike. The wind was VERY brisk but the sun drew me out. Here’s a favorite spot I was able to get to today.


These months have included a comedy of errors (not of my doing) to show me the reality of rural big-lake living. The coffee pot broke day one (coffee drinkers understand this crises). Week two a huge painting fell off the wall into the bathtub scaring the bejesus out of me. A week later sewer gas filled one bathroom (two months now) requiring daily management by me and several repair people. The washer broke irreparably six weeks ago, not yet replaced. It’s good I wear only one uniform. This past week the furnace decided to quit working and after several repair calls, is still shutting down. It’s almost my age. I have learned more about the intricacies of boilers than I ever wished to know.

The most challenging event of my stay and puts all else in perspective was the drowning of two men the day before Christmas at Bluefin. This is 3 miles away and I watched the night rescue play out in front of my house. The only place for news the following day was (yes, you guessed it) the Post Office.


It took a couple of weeks to look at the lake in a loving way again. I remind myself she was just doing what she does and humans made some wrong choices, one of them for the finest of reasons.

Friends again

A friend comes tomorrow and we will PLAY including a day on the Gunflint Trail with some hikes and hot coffee thrown in. I attend my last Writers’ Group in Grand Marais tomorrow. I’ve so enjoyed meeting the other writers and having the opportunity to participate in sharing and critiquing our work.

Returning home will be a exciting yet I will carry always the view and sound of Mother Superior. Thanks for joining in this adventure. Perhaps one more post before Bali. Stay tuned…..

Warmly (as best I can without heat),



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