I woke this morning to -19F…actual, not wind chill and, no, I am not posting from Bali but from a detour to the North Country. The first reach from beneathe the electric blanket was for long underwear and down booties followed by coffee and a heavy wool blanket….doubled.

The view, however…..THE VIEW!!  The mists rise from the hypothermia-temp lake and hit the frigid air, creating an ethereal and breathtaking vista. It’s impossible to capture from my window; nonetheless I try. Multiply my attempt by 20 to imagine the scope.


I  seized the opportunity of 27 degrees for a silent hike along stunning rivers as well as Lake Superior just before the deep freeze blew in on gales of howling wind.

I still enjoy great ethnic food in spite of no restaurants for miles….I just create it myself.


May wonderful doors to happiness, opportunity and love open to all of you in 2015 … and I hope each is splashed with vibrant color!


Blessings friends



4 thoughts on “HAPPY 2015 FROM THE TUNDRA

  1. So incredible. It was mentioned on MPR news this a.m. that there was fog on the lake because of the differing lake/air temps. Just think all of the many awesome sites you have seen because you have lived there for a period of time.


  2. Your photo is stunning! I’ve seen Lake Superior on a morning like this and in real life it is, as you say, impossible to capture the unearthly feel of it. But yours comes closer than many. And that shade of green…my favorite!


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