Are there days when you resist your walk or other form of exercise? I had to force myself to button up and GET OUT THERE two days ago. The rewards were many and a good lesson.

Top of the Temperance River

Top of the Temperance River

I turned off onto an unbroken path and set my boots to the snow. The silence was thick and precious, the air just cold enough and the evergreens heavy with new snow.

Superior Hiking Trail along the Temperance River

Bridge over the gorges

Bridge over the gorges

Where in Spring the water thunders through these gorges, in winter, they are ice encrusted with powerful brownish waters rushing beneathe and peeking out through thinning ice.

A part of the gorge

A part of the gorge

Wolves are present and dogs disappear if not leashed. Although I’ve only seen their tracks, I carry my whistle as a talisman.


Whistle at the ready.

Gitchee-Gumi Trail

Gitchee-Gumi Trail

The effort to head out was richly rewarded….as it usually is. image

Come again!!



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