Some of you want to know my closest city. Today I’ll introduce you to Grand Marais, MN, the nearest town and 40 minutes from me. Those of you who know Grand Marais, prepare to wax nostalgic. Those of you who don’t may wish you did. It’s a magical “sea” village that allows one to travel back in time, relax and breathe deep.

I promised photos and so…..I will try for a favorite here and then create a slide show of the rest. Remember, if in blog format, CLICK ON BLUE TITLE.image

I am almost breathlessly happy!!

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Lots of art shows today so did a bit of Christmas shopping. I was happy to meet Betty Bowen, a local, highly-respected artist, and purchase some of her items as Christmas gifts. I also stopped at the Grand Marais Artist Colony which exhibited wonderful art.

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A favorite restaurant where I purchase a made-to-order taco created on Indian fry bread while I do my daily writing is Hughies….

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Thanks so much for stopping in.

This is, indeed, my neighborhood. Each photo has a story and I’m hoping they speak to you rather than I.


7 thoughts on “DETOUR – CITYSCAPES

  1. Sharon, I am really enjoying your Detour postings.

    We used to go up there quite a lot but haven’t lately. I do miss it!

    We’ve stayed on the Gunflint Trail, and many times at Lutsen Sea Villas.

    Have a lovely Christmas Season and we’ll talk in January.

    Thanks, Liz


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