The aftermath of the rough water…..I couldn’t bring myself to come inside. Note: If this arrives via BLOG, click on BLUE title to access all photos.


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  1. Thanks, Pat, I’m so glad you enjoyed them. A rpoject would be fun except that I accidentally had my camera set wrong from a previous project so the quality isn’t good enough. Dang. Hope I get another opportunity.


  2. These are lovely, Sharon. Though I expect it is hard for pictures to convey the amazing beauty and feeling one gets when seeing this in reality. My first and maybe only, experience of being on the North Shore in the winter was probably 30 years ago when Don, Steve and Mark stayed at a cabin at Solbaaken Resort and skied at Lutsen. They also have an amazing shoreline which was iced and beautiful. Even so, I don’t recall ice on the trees, et. like your pictures show. I have never forgotten.

    Thank you


  3. You’ll probably get a few more as I went out again today for long time….this time with good camera and the correct settings. This that you see is the spray mist from the water hitting the rocks. Awesome.


  4. Thanks, Hinda. Another batch coming as I went out next day with SLR and correct resolution and got some stunners. It is an amazing sight and I feel lost in a wonderland when I am there. Time evaporates…..well, pretty much every day actually.


  5. Hi Sharon, I happened upon your blog and really enjoyed your stunning pictures. The North Shore has such treasures…..and I’m sure you will love your 3 months up there! Did I read that you’re going to Bali next Feb? Will you be returning to the condo I visited you at? Happy writing and exploring!


    • Hi Jan….yes to all your inquiries. It was so nice to hear from you. Are you returning to Bali also? Thanks for following……soon I’ll be writing from warmer climates but in the meantime I am blissfully happy.


      • Hi Sharon–I have no present plans to return to Bali, but hopefully in the future. It would be easier for me to return if it wasn’t so far! Are you going for one of Sherry’s retreats, or Jessa’s yoga…..or just on your own? I’ll look forward to your “hot” postings from down under! In the meantime, your pics are gorgeous, and it’s been nice to “visit” your neighborhood and communities–I’m glad you’re so happy up north. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Sharon!


  6. I know what you mean about the length of the trip being prohibitive. It may be my last year. I just knew I wasn’t quite “done” yet. It will be a shocker after being up here! Thanks for following my blog, Jan. You may yet be called back to Bali….one never knows.


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