DETOUR- Part 2 (North Shore, Lake Superior)

Hi Again (Sorry, WordPress had a glitch when sending this and it got messed up. I am going to try again. I apologize for duplication.)

Going to attempt to stick with photos……

An afternoon at WTIP Radio Station in Grand Marais with my friend, Jane, who was broadcasting that day for their fundraiser. Great music!

Yesterday’s walk……..

Woke to a roiling lake, surfers’ waves and blasting booming thumping sounds as they glanced off the rocks and each other.

Like trying to catch a pix of a leaping dolphin.....

Like trying to catch a pix of a leaping dolphin…..

After two broken nails, I am now prepared to venture out for closeups on the rocks…..

Ack Tracks or whatever they are called. chains for my feet, basically.

Ack Tracks or whatever they are called….chains for my feet, basically.

Ok, not too wordy!!



8 thoughts on “DETOUR- Part 2 (North Shore, Lake Superior)

  1. Email did not work I get a couple of letters on each line that I have to build into a word you may want to look at doing this in a different way

    Thanks Dillon Lyon Sent from my iPhone



  2. Your icy paradise kinda makes my skin crawl, but that’s why you’re there and I’m here! It is beautiful in a wild, forlorn way. Your round trip to the P.O. should give you more than enough exercise! The gripper things are great. My sister and bro-in-law and I did a hike back to Gooseberry Falls once in the winter and wore those. They were a life saver, literally!


  3. When I was crawling on the icy ricks and standing on the cliffs edge, I was VERY grateful to have them. I got some awesome shots today. Can’t wait to blog them. Like I’m not doing enough writing! 3200 words today.


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