Five days of pure bliss…..

…..and then three non-sea urchins arrived. They were screamingly LOUD, clearly not having learned the meaning of “inside voice”.  The dynamic of private retreat switched suddenly to neighborhood pool and playground.  Arghhhh. It did make it easier to leave as scheduled. To hold my sense of tranquility, I wandered down the lane from Aquaria and made discoveries.

…..a young boy awaiting the day he can ride a moped

counting the days......

counting the days……






…a lovely man sweeping the temple and happy to practice his English

A lovely man I chatted with at length. He was sweeping up around the local temple.

A lovely man I chatted with at length. He was sweeping up around the local temple.








……one cleaning his just-caught fish






…clothes on the line

Along the it a closet or the wash?

Along the lane…is it a closet or the wash?





…..cattle in the front yard image






….amazing gates highlighting entrances to private villas and gardens

There are some amazing gates in Bali...I thought this one was most intriguing and least flattering

….. a view of the beach.

image Mount Agung just peaking out from the clouds.

Mount Agung - the highest volcano in Bali and the Mother Temple to the Balinese

Mount Agung – the highest volcano in Bali and the Mother Temple to the Balinese

I negotiated a moped lift to Tenganan with a Balinese whose adopted name is Belly. He said there were too many Wayans to be memorable. Belly should resolve this. Tenganan Village was created in the 11th century and remains unchanged today. With the help of American and Canadian Rotaries, they have recently received two water spigots which provide safe drinking water. The village was closed to tourists until recently when they began to sell their double-Ikat weavings which can take months to produce. I came close……

Tenangan Village

Tenangan Village

I reluctantly left paradise, heading back to Ubud on a hot, spring-sprunged bus. The day was busy everywhere on the three-hour ride with ceremonies (kabaya and saronged families everywhere) and political rallies.  Hundreds of mopeds roared by, enormous flags of red, yellow or black in their wake…..each color signifying a different political party. imageNow I’m home in Ubud to enjoy the excitement and preparations for a two-day Nypie celebration. Yesterday I photographed Sumantra’s banjar’s ogoh ogohs. He is so proud of them this year and I can see why. Find me in the Barong photo and you’ll see how incredibly huge these are. imageimage


imageThe pig-type ogoh ogoh is smaller but most measure 15-20′. These are teasers until Sunday when I’ll be out photographing the parade. The gamelans practice nightly across Ubud for the fierce upcoming competition. By midnight the “clanging” can wear thin. And yet, it is part of the excitement.

Although I thought it would never happen, I’m temporarily weary of Asian food so Sherry suggested Taco Casa last night for Mexican and Margueritas. Yum on both!!!





Talk to you again in the Balinese New Year.













6 thoughts on “BEAUTY AND THE BEAST(S)

  1. Love love love your pics. especially the ones on your last posting (or the one before that)
    that offered us only pictures, fresh, bright, well photographed telling, photos of oh so
    many things. I’ve returned to them many times always finding new details and thoughts
    I didn’t have before. Thanks!


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