Ok, “woman”….what can I say? On a bike, I feel like a girl; a moped convert! Mopeds swarm the roads like ants loosed in my drawer by a cough drop. Over the past few days I’ve gone from short rides across town to fantastic country outings where I experience all manner of village life.

There's nothing that isn't carried on a moped

There’s nothing that isn’t carried on a moped

Observing through a car window doesn’t begin to compare with viewing through rushing air, swerving traffic, effortful inclines, downward swoops and dense jungle. All these, fingertips away. Whoee….I love it!!

Heron-topped trees

Heron-topped trees

One evening before sunset, Sumantra brought me to the village of Petulu,  a favorite childhood haunt. Thousands of white herons (Kokokan) return to this village each night at sunset which they have done Since1965. The nearby towns look the same yet it is only Petulu  where they paint the trees white just before dusk. I loved spending a couple hours here slowly ambling its one street, watching village life unfold. (Tap four images below for descriptors.)

On my return, I met Sherry and five others at a place called Coffee and Copper. Sumantra took me by moped, approaching it in the dark via a small trail leading through unlit jungle, save for approaching bikes. It was quite the adventure until we burst forth to the lively front of C&C. We heard an English friend’s Indonesian partner, Yaniq, play acoustic guitar and sing some marvelous songs he’d composed. I was served the most ginormous coconut ever…the size of a basketball. I drank steadily through two sets and never got to the bottom. No wonder sleep evaded me.



Today Sherry’s friend, Ketut, took me out for several hours into the countryside again, seeking photo ops of ogoh ogohs which are being built at banjars throughout Bali. They are very competitive in design, up to 20′ tall and are paraded down the city streets on the eve of Nyepi which is the Balinese New Year. More about these in a future post.

We happened onto the Campuhan Ridge where we discovered the Karsa Spa and Restaurant.

Lotus flowers everywhere

Lotus flowers everywhere

Karsa Kafe

Karsa Kafe

Wasa spa and restaurant

Wasa spa and restaurant

We stopped for coconut water and a rest in its tranquil environment. I saw enough of the ridge to know I will hike it some evening as the moped can only go a limited way. I was simply thrilled to make its acquaintance so unexpectedly.

More trips are being considered further afield once my body determines it will keep up to my spirit as it flies through the countryside. I find “yoga back” makes it relatively comfortable. I hope you’ll journey with me down some future back roads.


Note….I just experienced my first tremor and decided it would be wise to wear night clothes…..just in case I need to make a dash for the door Some night. What a strange experience to feel and see a room and it’s contents unexpectedly shaking around me. What to take? iPad, passport, airline confirm. They are now all together in my nightstand. You know me…..always prepared. I must have been a five-star Girl Scout.


9 thoughts on “BIKER GIRL

  1. A five star girl scout!!! I love it! I’m so glad you have made peace with the motorbike. It is unlike any other experience on earth. And Ketut is the most conscientious, careful driver ever. May you have many more adventures!


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