Selamat Pagi – Apakabar (How are you?)

Yesterday I took to the streets….again! ….wandering for hours with my point and shoot tucked inside my hand. Some days, due to the heat, I haven’t the energy to lug my SLR. I also note the intensity of light on Bali. It’s way beyond brilliant, making it nearly impossible to catch a shot with good exposure. I am up at 6:00 a.m. but not out on the streets yet (as one needs to be) when there might be an hour of subtle light. Maybe some day…..

Here I’m creating a small photo gallery of my walk as many of you have expressed a liking for photos. Perhaps these will offer some sense of Ubud in a small way. Double click on one; then you can page through full images/descriptors fairly quickly.

Tonight I “moped” with Sumantra to watch the herons land. Apparently it is a stunning view and it’s even the right time of day for a photo. Stay tuned.





2 thoughts on “THE STREETWALKER

  1. Hi mom still having trouble opening your pictures. Having to open 1at a time which means leaving email multiple times while attempting to read it. Any solutions ? Love pix and story….!!!

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