After being out of commission for two days due to what’s termed Bali Belly, it was terrific to get back in the swing of things. Suffice it to say, I was very happy to be rescued by an American named Pat, pleased to have brought my pillow from home and finally (but no less) grateful for the kindness of Sumantra and Sherry as I recovered. The former also took me by moped this morning to Narasoma being I come from elsewhere and his uncertainty of my wellness.

Narasoma Retreat Center

Narasoma Retreat Center

Today brought a one-day-late start for me of the Writing for Discovery Workshop, but since I attended last year, I will be able to catch up. The women are so warm and welcoming that I know it will be an intimate and growing experience

We begin with 1.5 hrs of yoga on the third-floor yoga platform at Narasoma Retreat Center. The views are breathtaking, the breezes cooling and our instructor, Jessa Walters, of This Breath This Moment, Minneapolis, MN, is an excellent facilitator.

Housing at Narasoma Yoga Platform visible At Top

Housing at Narasoma
Yoga Platform visible At Top

Third Story Yoga Platform

Third Story Yoga Platform

Yoga is followed by a 1.5 hour writing class which is equally expansive and good for the soul. What a joy to be back!

Writing "chair"

Writing “chair”

Although the other women went off on an afternoon excursion, I was advised to lay low for the day and, although somewhat disappointed, I gave it up pretty easily after hearing there were 300 steps in each direction to ascend the temple stairs. Better to return to my room, continue rehydration and pick up on the fun tomorrow.

All is well here… very brief wish to go home in the midst of BB soon dissipated and I’m glad wishes made in the heat of discomfort do not become instant reality.



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