Selemat Pagi….Good Morning!

My sense of time has altered. I go to bed at 9 and wake before 6 to hear and watch the village come alive. There is a daily contest between roosters, doves and songbirds as they call in the day. There is the first whiff of smoke as I slide open the patio doors. Soon, I no longer notice. Due to an overhanging shelf, washing my face over a 10″ sink proved a challenge as did finding a washrag at Coco’s with which to alter my routine. I take my iPad to the balcony and Sumantra brings my coffee. One cup, then yoga, followed by a shower (which is literally my whole bathroom)

Note the shower head

Note the shower head

and, finally, I sit to breakfast. All before 8 which is when I often rise at home.

I have learned the names of Sumantra’s family and taken a few photos. In this family compound there is only his family of four and his parents. By Balinese standards this is very small. Next door is a compound with six families which is more traditional. His father is very particular about the gardens which are gorgeous and well maintained. Sweep, swish, sweep goes his long, natural Bali broom.

My hosts, Sumantra and Ilhu, dressed for the Full Moon Ceremony

My hosts, Sumantra and Ilhu, dressed for the Full Moon Ceremony

Son, Made, 2.5 yrs

Son, Made, 2.5 yrs

Two nights ago Sherry and I toured and had dinner at Sjaki-Tari-Us, a day program for disabled children. Mothers travel from villages hours away so their children can receive services not offered elsewhere. This is not easy as they may have other young children at home and must be gone all day. What the facility lacks in equipment and amenities, it makes up for in dedication and enthusiasm. If you’ve small funds laying about, please direct them here. In Bali. a few dollars goes an incredibly long way. Sjaki-Tari-Us is a privately-funded non-profit and has an incredible story.

One night, Wayan (massage therapist from last year) came to give me an amazing, much-needed massage. The knots and ridges in my neck and back resulting from the long flights received some relief. Then Kafe Restaurant delivered a delicious dinner of cashew chicken, red rice (in banana leaf) and pumpkin bread. The entire evening cost $18.


Yesterday Sherry and I strolled the challenging sidewalks of Ubud

Placed so one doesn't fall example of hundreds.

Placed so one doesn’t fall in…one example of hundreds.

….she attempting to withdraw funds from reluctant cash machines. We stopped at Mama Mia’s Pizza where guests are gifted a homemade lemoncello…..if you are “in the know” which Sherry is.

Mama Mia Pizza Parlor

Mama Mia Pizza Parlor

Sidebar: Balinese dislike cheese so store choices are limited and very $$ so I guess I’ll not be having one of my major food groups.

I stopped at Jati Homestay to visit the owner, Dewa, who I met last year. It was so nice to see him again and have a long chat. He drew me a picture in the red velvet settee illustrating how family compounds were laid out and the purpose of each element. I have decided to use the four drivers of last year on four different days to reacquaint myself with each. They are so warm, well informed and eager to share their culture.

The joy of this visit is feeling the spaciousness of time. I allow the days to unfold with no agenda, knowing the perfect day for the perfect event will arrive on time.

It is a challenge to limit my blogs as there is so much information I wish to share. However, so as to not lose your attention, I will say



8 thoughts on “RENEW AND NEW

  1. I so enjoyed walking through this day with you & meeting your hosts! Of course, I would have loved to have attended the Moon Festival!
    Thanks for sharing your journey!


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