The Countdown

Finally, I can now respond “Next Monday” when asked for my departure date to Bali. I’ve been a traveler-in-waiting for almost a year.

As posted last, there was a question whether my dear Pegasus would depart prior to, or wait for, my return. It’s with great mixed emotions that I report he chose not to wait. He was a good boy from beginning to end and in leaving before me, I think he was taking care of both of us once again. For those who knew him……here’s his good-bye photo.

pegasus end

It’s now two weeks later and I’m engaging myself in the the future. Camera equipment, clothes, all the minutia of what I “might” need are being collected. This being my second trip to Bali, there are few questions of what to pack but more about remembering to pull it all together. In addition to cameras, there are books, writing materials, my list of yoga exercises, downloaded films “just in case” and, of course, getting this blog set to go. It’s even possible I will do nothing but stare into space and absorb the beauty of the country and its people.

Sherry has been my guiding light and, once again, has found me the perfect place to reside. My gratitude runs deep and my peace of mind is a tremendous gift. I have given up my volcano-rice field view for one of gardens and rooftops. It’s also half the price. It is called Citris Tree Villas – lovely, yes? No sharp-toothed monkey invasions on this patio (hopefully).


sumantra2 sumantra11

Its critical aspects are the rooftop patio and beautiful gardens. Here is where my mornings will begin and evenings end and what comes in between will be a series of adventures and surprises at which I can’t begin to guess. My mantra for these months will be “Always say YES”.

Thanks for sharing this time with me; I am grateful for your interest.



4 thoughts on “The Countdown

  1. I am so excited for you and so impressed with your courage of “always say yes”. I feel like a chicken in the face of your mantra. So pleased to be able to “come along”


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