Newbie Arrives

Greetings! I have just arrived at WordPress while beginning to prepare for my 2014 return trip to Bali. This post is a practice run.

The small carry-on is open on the bedroom floor awaiting the many items I will toss in to ensure not forgetting them on packing day. You who know me recall my near obsession to “be prepared”, thus lists are fingers away in several rooms.

My cat, Pegasus, is deciding if he is going to pass before my departure or stay for my return. I hope one of these options is selected – his passing while I am gone will be too sad for words. He’s been my good friend and heart-keeper for 17 years.


2013 brought me to Bali unexpectedly and my life has not been the same since. Although I went to attend A writing class, Bali had something additional in store for me so I return now to continue the journeyFebruary 10 is departure and I return April 4.

If I can figure out how this blogging works, I will be staying in touch and shooting some favorite photos and narrative your way.

I hope you will join me in the next installment of this adventure. Just sign up on the blog -there is nothing else to do….they will wing their way to you much faster than the flight(s) I take to get there.




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